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looking forward to play the full game! demo is great, just over too fast


I just played your game, it's really cool ,i haven't seen a concept quite like it. I just wanted to ask how you come up with these puzzles, what is the design process that goes into making them? 

Great game! Can't wait for full version!

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As you asked, I'am leaving a review.

So... It was a pretty cool! I like that mechanic . All puzzles was intersting, but we need more! Anyway, everything got + and -. I thing it would be better if you add some "help signs" like arrows that show player where he have to go next, especially in the begining. Please, add more languages(russian, chinease, korean, german, french and etc.).

I love it! 8/10


pretty novel, i like it. Some of the puzzles seemed like I cheesed it rather than solving it and maybe there could be an animation frame when he makes contact with the wall but its definitely a good idea and I would definitely like to see a full game of this, keep it up

Yep.  It is.

This looks like possibly the most intuitive and creative game on this site.  I want to try this.


This is a really well thought game, I really hope you keep on developing it! :D

Please continue making this game its awesome 

Best game ever

This is amazing! I would play way more of this, and there is so much potential in the concept! Keep it up!

great! i love!

i hope that the full release, when and if it comes, maintains this demo's brisk pace while bringing something structurally new to the table.

Very interesting concept. It has that megaman vibe with good puzzle and problem solving. I am really looking forward for the full release

this game is so good

wish you good luck for the full version


This game is so good, like, I just love it.

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The Graphics:
I love the general esthetic of the game art, but the flickering of the displays and the checkpoints was really annoying. I also would animate the head of the player, if he's looking up or down.
The Gameplay:
I find it very annoying to move and jump in this game, parthely doe to the unusual keys that are used to jump and throw the head, and because to me it feels very stiff if the player is moving. but overall a very very good game.

Keep going please.

Loved the originality as well as the execution.


Loved it! Pretty original idea and good execution.

I love your game, but is so short, I hope you are still developing

really i had very fun. I was suggest this game to my friend. I want more level!!

HOLY SMOKES, I loved the animation on this. Very verrry juicy. Excellent work :)

You accidentally forgot to get rid of "Made with Gamemaker: Studio 2" in the titlebar. Amazing game tho.



Great idea 9/10, hope you can make it into something really good.


Glad I played it. I hope you can make a full game developed. :)

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I would like the jump could react a bit more early than it is now. When I jump, if I press jump again then he should jump(like the key pressed command stayed in bugger and was waiting when he lands). This is very practical in platformer games.

The game is very cool. Thank you!

Hi! I tried the demo and it was amazing! The gameplay aesthetics were nice, I liked the mechanic where you throw the the head and where if you touch a platform you generate electricity! The part where you get the chip of throwing the head, The overall game's controls weren't clunky, and it felt amazing! Even the character is likeable! The only problem it didn't really seem to get harder after a few levels :( This was an amazing experience for me and I would even like to pay for a full version!

Very original and fun gameplay, would even pay for more !

Incredible game, the idea is so original, the game dont have errors and bugs. Dont leave the Project, it is very Good!!


really good game , I want more , and harder level.

you can just improve your game by accelerating the respawn time like smb


SMB doesn't have  very fast respawn time either, Celeste has the ideal respawn time, being around a second.

Absolutely awesome game! Check out my review on it!

Awesome fun and original game, cant wait for more levels in the future

I love this game!! 

this rocks!

I really love the concept! I would like to see more content though, but this is a really good game!

I love it! it has unique design, pretty funny and nostalgic with the 8 bit music. i would like to play more of it 

This is really clever and unique. I'm glad games are still innovating like this and I love to see retro-styled puzzle games emerging. Great work!

9.9 Out of ten like artis said no full screen other than that beautiful game.

9.5/10 Nice game man but i don t give you a 10 out 10 because no fullscreen!

Otherwise the concept it s prety nice.

Thanks for this demo, it's a really original concept, funny, well done

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