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Release date Oct 13, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(355 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, 8-Bit, GameMaker, Minimalist, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Steam


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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ElecHead(Win1.0.5).zip 127 MB

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ElecHeadTGSDemoWin.zip 70 MB

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I like the demo

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Anyone know how to get this to display on my 4:3 CRT, full-screen, with integer scaling?

Best I've come up with so far is 640x480 with borderless gaming, but it's not filling the screen.

Any other resolutions introduce scaling artifacts when I enter full screen.

If someone could tell me the native resolution, I could create a custom res of some multiple of that.

Max res of this little monitor is 1280x960.

Thank you

Edit: I figured out that the native resolution is 360x480 (so it scales nicely to 1080 @x3 res).
I created a custom resolution of 960x720 and it now runs in full screen with clean integer scaling.

Out of all this is the best level design on a game I've ever had experienced

Excellent game, got it on Nintendo Switch and played it all the way through,  including both endings. Really clever mechanics and the level design is just top notch.

The only downisde is the game is a bit short, and the pause menu with just tiny icons (no words) was a bit confusing. Other than that alround a great game. I hope there will be some sort of sequel.

I already bought the switch version. I didn't know it was released here first.

can this play on analogue pocket

Played on Steam. Game feels just right, no filler whatsoever, nothing wasted as every possible puzzles are explored in this game. Everything works well, had a ton of fun figuring out how to solve the levels. There is a moment when I had to repeat my actions couple of times thinking it was the solution, turns out the solution is completely different. Was not thinking enjoying puzzle platformer yet again. But here I am, first game I finished 100% since long time.

I have played this on my Nintendo Switch, and I can say it's amazingly good. Thank you!

Where did you get that sweet crt shader from?


I added the Elechead game to my site to promote it.


I would really like to play this. Will there be a Mac or Linux version out anytime soon?

Yes I would like to see Mac and Linux versions too!

Very interesting Puzzle game where you have to be smart on what move you are doing. I really enjoyed it. I made a video if someone is interested! 

Great game ! Wonderful level design, super smart ! Cute and original ! Bravo (:

This game is incredible. Thank you for it.

Great game! (No instruction that mentions that you can use down arrow though)

the sprites are cute 

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Thank you, everyone.
I am the developer of ElecHead.
I have read all the topics as best I can.
Sorry for not being able to reply.
I was happy with all the topics and messages.
Thank you very much.

Looks like a cool game!!!!

This platformer has the most clever level dessing I've seen in years. I played the demo some time ago and it surprised me with an amazingly  simple and innovative mechanic. Now, It surprised me again with a lot of new ways of using it, good difficulty progression and a perfect accesibility reminiscent of Nintendo games.

No matter if it is a small short game, it is more worthplaying than almost every other game I've played this year . I'm looking forward to playing the next thing you bring out. Congratullations!

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I have had a BEYOND wonderful time playing this title. I had originally found the demo in the past and was so excited when the final came out, and I will say it was well worth the wait. It amazes me just how complex of puzzles you can make with the same set of mechanics!

I'm going to keep this review spoiler free, but obviously I did play the game through on my channel (final episode tomorrow) so PLEASE play it yourself first if you're planning to buy it, but I'll say that even with the knowledge of the game, it's still so much fun to throw your head around in.

The mechanics are very simple: if your head is touching a surface, it gets electrified. That's it. I did not think when I first bought this that 6 whole worlds could be made off of that one premise, and yet each and every puzzle throughout the metal maze is unique and challenging in so many ways. Often there's a simple answer, other times you need to learn how to trick shot, and rarely, the answer is in the previous room altogether. It's really clever.

I personally played with a keyboard and loved the movement. I sometimes wished I could jump a little higher but then I throw my head and am reminded how tiny my legs are. X)

There are so many hidden things in the game that I missed, and possibly more things will open if I find them? That's not really a spoiler as I don't actually know, I haven't started searching for the secrets yet, but I honestly am excited to play through again to find them!

How is Game Maker capable of this?!? I haven't used it in a decade so it may be way better than I had in middle school, but it just amazes me all of this was done in the same program I had difficulty building a top down shooter in while my computer lab teacher thought I was writing an essay. I don't know if it's possible but I'd love to see a zoom out of the map after I complete it, it at least feels like it's all connected I don't know if it's programmed that way, but seeing the whole world at once would be really cool.

Seriously, if you're into puzzle games, this one's incredible, and with such a great twist at the end that I told my entire family and am still beaming over days later.

Stupendous work Nama Takahashi! I cannot wait to play what you invent next!

Awesome game, so much to explore! And a ton of secrets


A masterclass in game design

Good game.

The game looks so cool. Heavily reminds me a game that changes the platform every jump. Considering buying the full game when I can afford it. 

Had lots of fun with the demo, great to play the full game! Though, I tried to download it through the itch app first, and could only get the demo. Might just be me though, my itch app has some sort of update bug going on.

Also, as soon as I got to warp 3, I went back to warp 2 to try to find a secret chip I missed (and warp 1). Boy was I surprised by what my wandering uncovered :).


I've been waiting for this game since the demo came out 2 years ago. It didn't disappoint! Wonderful exploration of the mechanics. Excellent presentation and style. Great job! Cool to se Moppin was in the credits as Downwell is another one of my all-time favorite indie games.

+1 for moppin in the credit.

There is even hidden Downwell secret there ;-)

Good game.


Wow, finally I can enjoy the full game!


love this game! any plan for macos & linux release?


I want a MacOS release too


You can use Wine


Wine doesnt work on the latest updates of MacOs

Wine 6.0.1 or better for the latest M1 Macs.

Wine 6.0.1 didn't work for me on M1 Mac. Got a exe not supported in this platform error. Is the exe 32-bit or 64-bit?

Love the game... but does it not save? I closed after reading the 4th area and when I opened it up again I can't travel back to where I was?

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It does save. Quitting and reloading should take you to the last checkpoint you passed. And you can use any portals you’ve unlocked.

hmmm it didn't save for me after I quit and started again. Maybe some bug, I'll try it again this weekend. Thanks

any plans for a mac release? thanks!


Is there any way we could buy the game here and get a steam code? 

Great game! got stuck though : ( Got stuck


Is this the demo? That area has spikes in the full game. Anyway, if you quit and restart the game you’ll be at the nearest checkpoint.


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