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A short circuiting robot who came from somewhere


Going after a objective inside a abandoned factory

"Elec" can cause a current by touching a wall and move objects

Turning on monitors, moving the floor or even activating a discharge device.

By going deeper into the factory you will be able to throw your head.

If you cant reach places, throw your head to activate gimmicks.

Don't leave you head away for too long or you'll explode

Coming 2020 or 2021
I would be happy to review or comment for improvement.

GameDesign   生高橋(NamaTakahashi)
Sound   つよみー(Tsyomi


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Bem legal amo esse jogo

Good game. Congrats.

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I found a mini-short cut for the first room. This is really only useful to speedrunners because it's quite tricky to pull

Here’s a recent interview with the developer, including prototype footage and the story of the game’s development. Plus, a glimpse of new levels and puzzles! https://youtu.be/jmAbunjFBkA

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This is exceptionally good. Well done. The progression of puzzles and difficulty is perfect. I enjoyed hunting for the secret chips. I paid for this version and I’ll be happy to pay for the full game. Good luck!

I managed to get stuck under the large lift platform (I was trying to do so). Also, I took the large platform to go high and then used the warp point, after walking back to the large lift platform it was in a strange state and it killed me when I touched it.


Elec Head looks amazing! Any chance for a release on Linux?

^ yes please.

You can use Wine.


Yup, confirmed - plays perfectly under Wine

Good jump and run. Loved the idea.


oh no also shouldn't the count down appear for when my body explodes since it is not powered


well this happened 


this looks lik  a game from nitrome

Deleted post

I like it! a lot!

Good game  it's cool great soundtrack and i can't wait for the full version! keep up the good work

Hello dear NamaTakahashi-san, I really love your work and yes, cannot wait the full product coming! And I just wonder if you think it is OK for me to broadcast your great game content on streaming sites like YouTube, including for the purpose of monetizing from it. I'm as a member of a team, managing a VTuber project in Japan. Kindly let me hear your thoughts:) Thank you.

Excuse me for the English translation.

Hi! Thank you for playing the game.
As for monetization on streaming sites, I'm hoping it's not gameplay streaming.
Personally, I don't think ElecHead is a good match for gameplay streaming.
If you watch gameplay streaming, you might end up enjoying watching more than playing.
Also, even if you buy ElecHead after watching the gameplay streaming, I feel that you will lose the initial inspiration and surprise of the experience.
I think it would be very ideal for the game to spread by word of mouth and light game trailers if possible.
On the other hand, it is totally OK to talk about game design or review games.
In that case, I'd appreciate it if you could avoid telling me the answers to puzzles, etc. as much as possible.

Hi, great to hear from you NamaTakahashi-san! I understand your point, and appreciate your concerns.  l totally agree I do not want to spoil new gamers' "initial inspiration and surprise of the experience". Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Looking forward to the next updates!XD

Absolutely loved this game play mechanic! I had found an earlier demo some time ago and was so happy to find this again with even more. My only note, I saw someone else bring up that the board that tells you to throw your head up before you have the ability is a little confusing; it would've taken longer for me to figure it out if I hadn't remembered before that I was able to throw my head at some point and pressed forward. That's such a small note in an otherwise wonderful experience, and I cannot wait for the full version!

arte linda tem personalidade simplismente perfeito.

já posso considera meu jogo de plataforma q mais gosto <3


excellent game with superb presentation. the gameplay gimmick is fun and interesting. and the music is fantastic. really hope an expanded version is released someday.

i must also commend the game's page; very stylish and explains the game's mechanic well. kudos!


We need this for mac! looks fun!

Use PortingKit

We really enjoyed playing & discussing ElecHead on Indie Game Club!

You can watch it here!

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/potionsandpixels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotionsAndPixels/videos/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/_TTDbvUXrTE?t=2009


Woah, I love how much has changed and improved since I last played the demo a couple months ago!



Your game is amazing!


I just got the upside-down head easter egg ! Nice !

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My brother & I got all five secret chips together, and we ADORED it. One of the finest mechanics I've ever heard of. Just letting you know, the Mac version is broken! :  ( If you die, you can never come back. (Same with being warped back to the portals. It shows the graphic of being beamed back, but then you never show up.) All the very best-- I spent a whole week trying to find this game after seeing a Twitter post about it and losing it, and it was WORTH it.

Also, as a slight note, we thought our keyboard controls were broken when we got to the head-toss sign that says "^ + X", because it doesn't allow you to do anything yet when we haven't gotten the ability. I feel like you shouldn't put any sign there (or at least until you've received the ability)-- it gives people the thought that the controls might be broken.


The 5th (high) secret took me a while - but I got there. This is absolutely brilliant, will certainly pay for the full game


This game is really cool, and I'd love to see it fleshed out into a full game.  The concept is really clever, and it's already implemented well.  I find it weird that you can't throw you head down, but that's a small thing for a neat game like this.


I love the concept and the execution is amazing
I wish it were a huge game


the mechanic is great its so polished ı really like the ı finished it more than once and allways end up wanting it more please make more levels 10/10


does anyone know what else you have to download to play this game, because i downloaded the file and my computer is saying I still need somthing else.


Short but fun. I enjoyed it!


This is a super cool idea, I would love to play more.  I tried to do a couple things that I think would be neat additional mechanics. Throwing your head diagonally could be interesting and holding down the throw head button to leave your head somewhere would be useful, especially if you could use it as a platform.

Please, Android port, the game is amazing 😍

absolutely genius concept. i really enjoyed it! u made the game even mor cool once the head got detached


Amazing concept, beautiful implementation, seriously. pure genius, please keep it up

Game is pretty good, I like the concept

it's really good! need more stages! ^^

I enjoyed the concept! I think it'll make for a fun puzzle-platformer ;)

It was really fun! I liked the art and music too. Thanks so much!


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