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A short circuiting robot who came from somewhere


Going after a objective inside a abandoned factory

"Elec" can cause a current by touching a wall and move objects

Turning on monitors, moving the floor or even activating a discharge device.

By going deeper into the factory you will be able to throw your head.

If you cant reach places, throw your head to activate gimmicks.

If your head leaves your body for too long, your body will explode.

Releasing in 2019
Please review or comment for improvements.

GameDesign  生高橋(NamaTakahashi)
Sound  つよみー(Tsuyomi)


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I loved the idea behind this game! Even tho the demo is a little short, I'm looking forward to what it may bring in the future

Original idea, great execution, lovely character, catchy music.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the full game, this is really cool!

more please. this is incredible idea !

Good idea and very well designed game. If you make a longer version of this, a story would be cool.

I love it <3

I like it.

Great Little demo! Great music, art, and game-play. I encourage you to expand this!

Despite being as short as it is, Elec Head is has a really fun mechanic. It takes getting used to at first, but it's really enjoyable. I hope the finished game is as well made.


I really wished this was a fully fleshed-out game. If this were to have more characters and more areas to discover and interact with, this would be a game I'd pay for!

Incredibly good and clever game!

Cool idea! I'd love it if this gets fleshed out to a complete game. I wonder what other devious electricity-based hazards you can come up with. 😃 


Looks amazing. Is there a Linux version planned?

i loved! the concept is fun.

Amazing game!



It's really fun. I think I could enjoy more if the controller is supported. I am not good at keyboard to play.

I played it in Windows with an 8BitDo-controller. Worked like a charm.



Great demo, I love the feel and look of it.


Good game with a good concept.

nice game nice game logic 

please release the game in playstore


A suggestion I think that will be a nice qol addition is to make the body color coded (obviously stylized) to indicate how long you have without the head. Green, yellow, red, flashing red. Just a basic Idea. 

Fantastic game

Nice game!!!

I love it! I want more! (Maybe a reset button for rooms would be nice tho)

You mean an auto-self destruct button?

Super fun concept. Looks like you have the basics done for a puzzle platformer. Puzzle platformers can be tricky because  any death that sends you back feels like a chore, unlike in an action game. Once you figured out the puzzle, having to execute the solution more than once isn't fun.

I'm not saying I'm seeing this in the demo, btw! just a word of caution from someone also struggling with designing levels for a puzzle platformer.


I think this game is amazing, but i have a few ideas that i think can improve it:
-Gameplay: In a game like this (puzzle plataforming) i think is needed a reset button, maybe not in this short gameplay but needed in the long run. Also i wish the gameplay and art were more conected, more on that on the art section.
In further levels i think the idea of a supercharge to get double jump, have several heads to solve puzzles, and a magnet to atract the head or make it stick to walls can be very interesting. This short demo is awesome bit all the posibilities this open are amazing and im exited to see what u can do with it.
-Art direction: I think the games looks awesome dont get me wrong, but i have a few ideas that will make it more awesome. I think the game needs more colour, or at least more diferent saturation between character and background, u dont have to change colour itself, but making the character more vibrant will make the game look a lot cooler.
Other idea is that when u walk on a plataform the background changes, maybe ure in a ruined city, and some buildings iluminate when u walk on them, maybe is a factory and the machines move whan ure near, something similar u can do with sound and integrate that in the music (maybe in a further level).

Overall i think this game is fantastic not only what we saw so far but the possibilities it opens, and im very excited to see it expands.

P.D. Srry for grammar or vocabulary, english isnt my main language

This concept is soo cool ! Congrats

Absolutely fantastic, I would love to play a fleshed out version of this. Take my money.

I enjoyed this game and made a video so I could share it with others!

Try incorporating some gameplay elements that use other principles from physics. Induction, Faraday's Law, etc. There could be some pretty cool magnetism sections where you're upside down and you have to keep running (so di/dt != 0 so you generate a magnetic field) to stay upside down.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Really fun!  Can't wait for the full release.

A great game 

Brilliant idea 

I love the part where I can throw my head around it was hilarious

Loved it! Created an account just to leave a positive review.

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Holy cow! I say this pop up all over the place.. it really is good! I hope my video will help further spread the word! :)

Really a creative idea. But if you can do other languages for the game such of Brazilian Portuguese?

Really creative idea! I would love to see a full game!

This is amazing! Thank you for all your work. I hope this becomes a full game soon! 

Genius! Hope to see more of what you can do with these mechanics.

This demo is really cool! I haven't seen a platformer quite like this, and I loved it. Super cool idea, and I would definitely pay to play this as a complete game.

I loved the demo! This is an amazing idea and I'd love to see the full game.

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More! Make more!

And remember to add new mecanics later in the game otherwise people will lose intrest


This has great potential for a fully fledged game my only complaint is: IT'S TOO SHORT I WANT MORE! :D

This is blessed. I love the music its amazing, the art is fantastic. Please make more...!

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