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I love the concept and the execution is amazing
I wish it were a huge game

the mechanic is great its so polished Δ± really like the Δ± finished it more than once and allways end up wanting it more please make more levels 10/10

does anyone know what else you have to download to play this game, because i downloaded the file and my computer is saying I still need somthing else.

Short but fun. I enjoyed it!

This is a super cool idea, I would love to play more.  I tried to do a couple things that I think would be neat additional mechanics. Throwing your head diagonally could be interesting and holding down the throw head button to leave your head somewhere would be useful, especially if you could use it as a platform.

Please, Android port, the game is amazing 😍

absolutely genius concept. i really enjoyed it! u made the game even mor cool once the head got detached

Amazing concept, beautiful implementation, seriously. pure genius, please keep it up

Game is pretty good, I like the concept

it's really good! need more stages! ^^

I enjoyed the concept! I think it'll make for a fun puzzle-platformer ;)

It was really fun! I liked the art and music too. Thanks so much!


NIce :)

great game

This game is awesome 10/10

Made a video - Starts at 17:18

Yes Yes. Plz come out with a full version

Great Game!


amazing and fun to play. I hope someday the full version come out

This would one helluva  puzzle platformer. I would buy the full game if released.

Cute and fun. excited to see how your challenge the player more with this. GG

Very cool and fresh game. Thank u. Please add the possibility to remap keys. Space and LShift are maybe more natural to jump and throw.

I like it! Keep going =)

Great game. Really like the concept. Editable controls would be nice.

Playable title screen, brief explanation, learning through interaction type of game, great sounds, simple, cute, nice details, everything I love. I also have some ideas if you don't mind suggestions.

i wish the game was longer

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I have loads of ideas for this

-after elec has thrown his head, maybe there could be a hologram of his head, to make him more visible, or if that seems too high-tech for the theme of the game, perhaps some yellow sparks coming from his neck, or even prongs (like on an electric plug)

-a magnet chip, so that if elec touches a wall or ceiling, he'll stick to it, and can walk around, but if he jumps he won't stick any longer
-a cable chip, so elec can plug himself into any sockets he finds, leading to all sorts of shenanigans  like hanging from a ledge and swinging to get across a chasm, powering objects from a distance, etc.

-Water levels, if elect touches the water while electrified, he dies, but there's also enemies in the water that elec needs to defeat, usually, you'd go in without you head, but for some levels, you might put a glass helmet around your head, so you can swim for as long as you want and still power stuff when you get out of the water

-additional head-batteries for elec to pick up in his arms and drop (not throw cos that's too similar to the head throw) maybe they're really heavy, so while he's holding one his jump is halved and he walks a little slower, maybe if elec is headless at the time, he can put a new head on and leave the old one, or maybe even juggle two of them through complex puzzles

-enemies that will draw in and grip onto elec's head if he touches them, or if he throws his head, the only way to beat these enemies is to over-charge them, meaning you'd have to  drop another head-battery on or near them (when objects or surfaces are over-charged, I imagine them glowing yellow and sparking more than normal) , then they'll let go of your head (this one's a little far fetched, but it's just a suggestion)

 -Another enemy could be a very dangerous one that only wakes up if there's light shining on him, so to get past him you have to avoid powering a lamp above him to get past him, but when you get the flash bomb ability, you can do damage to him and doing so will initiate a boss fight where the only way you can attack him is by throwing your head on his back and flash bombing him, but afterwards, you have to try and get your head back while he attacks you by powering lasers all over the room (i describe the flashbomb a little later)

-there could be wires in the levels which connect two walls, ceilings or floors, and scissor enemies that pace like crabs when powered, which cut the wires when they get too close

-pistons, this one's pretty simple, they push real fast when powered, meaning you could launch yourself, push blocks, or open barriers, but if you get underneath one while it closes, you'll be in big trouble

-there could be another one of elec's body without a head that you need to power to move around (although, since you wouldn't want the player taking the 2nd body out of the room he was in, so maybe he could be across an unjumpable gap, or he could be restrained by a plug)

-there could be a mech suit that you can jump into and control, this will increase you weight, so you can activate scales, the suit would also have high pushing-power, so you could move large blocks, but while you're in the mech suit, your jump would be a quarter of elec's normal height, and you won't be able to power objects like usual

-there could be rubber and concrete surfaces/objects which cannot be charged, but can be walked on

-invisible blocks which become visible only when the object they're touching is powered, this should probably only be in one section of the factory with a theme of invisibility, otherwise players might try to power every individual block they see in other areas, and that's not much fun

-flywheels, if a flywheel is powered, it will continue to power objects it's in contact with for ~5 seconds, these could act similarly to p-switches in mario

-i feel like the common platforming machines are an easy pick, so ill list them all in the same dot point: fans which push elec or can make him float, float height and speed depends on elec's current weight, conveyor belts, saws, cogs that rotate other objects etc.

-power platforms, places that headless elec can stand on with out the timer counting down, the timer would continue where it from the number you started at when you touched the platform, so that you cant keep coming back with out your head, in the same vein, there could be little yellow pellets/batteries that headless elec could collect to survive a few seconds longer

-there could be a relatively late-game upgrade chip that allows elec's head when thrown to grow wheels, and move, slightly slower than elec, and without a jump, the head could be controlled  the same way that you aim the head before throwing, allowing both the body and the head to move independently and simultaneously

-there could be another chip that allows elec to let out a small radial flash that powers any objects around him for less than a second, this abilty is tied to his head, so when the head is thrown, the explosion can be executed with the throw button, and can only be done once before elec reaches his head once again

-instadrop would be a cool ability to collect, that, while you're holding the button will cause you to fall faster

Also, the game could definitely make fantastic metroidvania puzzle platformer one it's finished, the upgrade system could go a long way in assisting the metroid part of metroidvania, as each upgrade would allow you to pass certain blockades, and metroidvanias are super in right now, so if thats the direction u wanna take with this masterpiece, I think more people would see it if "metroidvania" was on the label (metaphorically speaking, of course. 

These are only the best ideas I had, I can only wish that the developers one day see this comment, because this game has infinite potential, and I can't wait to see what the devs do with it. If this game had 30 hours of content in it, I would gladly pay $70 for it, this concept and execution is absolute gold, and could end up being game of the year one day, imo. 10/10 would gladly donate, if I had a PayPal account, or a MasterCard or something.

My only complaints are: 

-the landing lag on the jump is a tad too long

-the screens flickered kinda harshly, maybe if the frequency of the flickering was a little lower, and maybe they're could be some vcr ribbons flashing across them, but this is really just a nitpick cos the screens are not seen for very long

-the demo ended :(ps, I would absolutely love if this was on switch, also this drawing is meant to show how the little prongs would look on the sprite, but I know it's not 8-bit lol.

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Some bugs/oversights:

-You can't activate checkpoints with your head or body, this may have been intentional, but i think if you could activate them by throwing your head, it could open up a lot of puzzle possibilities

-If you throw your head into a wall directly in front of you then, without moving, press the throw button again as soon as it touches your body, the head will be thrown in the other direction (I know it's not a big deal, but this tiny bug could become something worse if it goes unnoticed)

-If you throw your head in mid-air while turning around, both the body's throwing animation, and the head while it's being thrown will be backward, but the timings pretty tight on this one (once again, not a big deal, and for all I know, it could have been intentional, I just thought I'd let you know)

-If you throw your head immediately after picking it up, your body won't emit an electric charge, this can be used to cheese the third-last puzzle, if this was intentional, that's really good, it allows the player to take alternative routes, but if it was unintentional, I'm just letting you know

-when you throw your head into a wall directly in front of you , then jump into your head, you won't pick it up, showing that you can't interact with your head until it's reached the full length of the throw, once again, if this was intentional, great, but if it's unintentional, this could hold players back from performing extremely niche tricks

All of these are nitpicks, honestly, you've made something really special here, and I can't wait to see how the final product turns out, i hope that some of the stuff that i mentioned in my monster of a review will help you out, because i can really see this idea going a long way. Good luck :)

Really enjoyed your game. Very well done. I can easily see this being made into a full puzzle adventure game. Hope to see more from you in the future.

I am very curious about where such ideas come to people's minds ... Very enjoyable. Great!

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Excellent game but pleace make the controlls editable: Z and X are in Germany not side by side.

I'd love to play this. Please produce a Linux build!

Works perfectly on Wine

Very very good, creative, and responsive.  The demo alone is already worth some money! Created an account just for this comment, and will leave this around my pc just to remind me to buy it when it's finished. All props to the team! :D

Lovely game i re play it once in a while but i wonder when the full game will be released

Wow! Most original game I've played in a while. Really looking forward to the full game

Excellent idea and execution. This desperately needs to be expanded and made a full scale game. Bravo.

Dude make a full game out of this, the concept is great!

Damn, that's awesome

Great concept. If expanded to a full fledged game, it's an instabuy for me. 

Great game. Awesome idea.

This game is awesome, would definitely play the full game

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