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Nice game! I will buy.

Neat little puzzle platformer, I'd definitely love to see it further developed.

This is a really awesome and original game concept! Everything comes with a minimal but well-constructed graphic. Even the sound part is pleasant both in music and sound effects. I've enjoyed a lot playing this demo and i hope to play the full version soon! Great job!

Nice game!

Really nice! Will buy the full version.

supe rjeu je me suis régalé et je l'ai fini pouvez vous ajouter une suite au jeu sil vous plait?


I have to chip in with the others for the praise.  The game teaches you the mechanics without words. It guides you just enough after you learn the "throw head" ability that you are not confused, then let's you solve a few new puzzles with it.

I hope the game will 'open up' (become non-linear) in the full version, but of course for the demo/tutorial this was totally fine. I really hope this game gets expanded to a longer/full version.

An amazing videogame!

This is such a cool idea for a platformer. Movement feels great. Love the art and the music too! More puzzles and abilities would be cool!

I really admire your style. I loved playing your game. I was fun, the music was good, and I think it has so much potential to grow. Amazing job!


I love the game mechanic, the robot looks cute too



This was wonderful!  It's a simple mechanic, but you do so many things with it.  My only problem was the short length of the demo, so I very much look forward to the full version!  💡🤖💖



Holy crap! This is the most unique game on itch I've ever played. I loved it. Audio, video, and gameplay work together in unison in a way I haven't felt since Megaman. Interesting mechanics and WONDERFUL level design. It teaches you by playing, not by telling. Love it. 

oh!very very thank you!ありがとう!

it was rlly fun to play! :0 


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Super interesting gameplay! Definitely am waiting to see more of it! Here's a french playthrough I did :




But omg it felt like it ended too soon! DX

You should really make this full game there is so much potential that just feels like it's waiting to be unearthed by this concept!





The mechanics are very unique, like nothing I've seen before! I you continue to develop this awesome game!



Really cool game, looking forward to the full version!


? I dont understand :-/


It means that please look forward to it.



helps and it seems to be good enough to make the author's comments understandable.

Pretty cool mechanic for a puzzle game. Loved it!


loved it



壁や床を触ると黄色になって、ゲームのやり方はけっこう分かりやすいですね!そして主人公の動きは簡単だけど、ジャンプと着地のモーションや効果音でその動きの楽しさがアップします…ボヨーン!ボヨン、ガッ、ビリビリ!ジャンプする必要のない部屋でもジャンプやりたくなりました…w なんとか気持ちいいなぁ~



This game is  r  a d 



some very clever puzzles all derived from a simple mechanic, this is some Nintendo level game design right here. very polished loved it.


Deleted 1 year ago


Very nice! I like it! 素敵な



すごく面白かったです 完成を楽しみにしています!




It's a clever premise for a puzzler, and I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure how much more design space there is for good puzzles.

unique!! Some levels were tricky but not impossible! Id buy the full game thanks.



This game is so creative! I especially love the little screens that light up when you step on them, it's a really good way to demonstrate the main mechanic of the game, and it looks really cool! I would totally play a full version of this game!


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amazing game design! well played ;)

wating for a larger game ^^




Incredible mechanics so far, really really well done.




This is so good! A great core mechanic. I can't wait to see this expanded in a longer form game!


This is a very fun and original game! Looking forward to it in the near future. Awsome mechanics.



very nice! the mechanic is very fun, that part where while the head is in the air you jump with the body at the right time the head touches the ground and the floating tiles appears and the body can walk through it was very smart, this core mechanic can be explored in a lot of cool ways! congratulations!


A very fun demo. I think I'd really enjoy the full game.



I like it alot. Just wished there would have been more in the demo. Otherwise nice done.

Here is also my video.




No problem. I am glad when I can spread the word.

this is so good! I tried it an event before and I was really amazed with the mechanic and the levels. hope you make a full game with this



please please make the MacOS version i so wanna try it! <3


It will take a little while, but I will prepare a MacOS version.

Great! Thanks!

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