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LT / RTの代わりにLB / RBを使って太陽を食べることができると思います。
(I am using a NintendoSwitch controller
so the bumpers are just "click" buttons)

This was really cool!! loved the animation and VFX work, gameplay is also a really solid concept that's explored well ^^

Todos los elementos existentes dentro del juego son importantes jugando un papel como obstáculo y como requisito para lograr el objetivo final. Muy bueno, ahora quiero comerme el sol.

Very interesting idea and execution. I know you are working on a different project now but it would be nice to see this game on mobile devices. 


I like the animations and the concept. I too would like a  keyboard implementation.


If a keyboard control is ever implemented, I'll certainly look forward to giving it a try. It looks fun!

I loved the work put into making this seem like it's own product and not necessarily a default Unity game. Does the player direct a RigidBody2D? Were there particular things you found that worked well for tuning?

This was amazing! Fun, fast, responsive, tight controls and tight fluid gameplay. I'd love to see more from this game

Im glad that you enjoyed it! 
Due to other project I dont know when I will be able to do so but when I can I will make other levels when I feel like it.


is it possible to make a mouse/keyboard version?


I have made keyboard and mouse controls but the feel and how the game played was very different. 
Due to how different it was from the gamepad I decided not to implement it for now.

Why did you label this as available to Linux and Mac OS?

It only supports Windows.

I have updated the download with a fix for Mac and Linux, Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, here's my YouTube video on this. I enjoyed this game greatly, I was just not that good at it.







Quite like the games, the art style is what originally caught my attention.

Unrelated, you page says "I am a Japanese sudent"
It should say "I am a Japanese student" :)
Just trying to help. 


oh! Thanks!I fixed it.

No worries, wasn't a big deal or anything, but makes the page look just that much more professional. :)

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